Creator Roundtable: Podcasting 101

An educational workshop

In-Store or Online | Sunday, July 21, 2024 2:00-3:35pm ET

Seating is limited and available first come, first serve only; we recommend arriving early.

An Educational Workshop

B&H and RØDE proudly present this Creator Roundtable, an educational workshop. Led by established creators, Bandrew Scott, Luria Petrucci, and Tom Buck, the conversation will offer creative insights on podcasting techniques, tips, and the best gear to inspire and kickstart your journey. Stop by our NYC SuperStore or join our live stream for expert demonstrations, Q&As, and more!

Andrew Swift
Andrew Swift
B&H Moderator
Bandrew Scott
Bandrew Scott
Digital Creator & Podcaster
Tom Buck
Tom Buck
Digital Creator & Podcaster
Luria Petrucci
Luria Petrucci
Digital Creator

Podcasting Creator Roundtable: Agenda

In this live event we will walk you through key steps needed to start a podcast successfully.

Learn how to start a podcast.

How do I start a podcast?

  • Finding your “why” and target audience
  • Designing an episode structure
  • Outlining your idea; design your episode structure
  • Choosing a name for your podcast
  • Drawing inspiration from other podcasts
  • Being a podcast producer or partnering with the right one
  • Keeping your podcast’s essence alive

What equipment do you need to get started?

  • Choosing the right microphone and mixer
  • Scaling up to a multi-person podcast
  • Adding video to your podcast
  • Choosing the right camera
  • Lighting your podcast for video
  • Organizing your setup
  • Live streaming your podcast
  • Taking your podcast on the road
Podcasting 101: Essential equipment for beginners.
Post-production: How to edit and refine your podcast.

How to edit your podcast?

  • What to consider when editing audio

  • What to consider when editing video

  • Text-based editing

  • Enhancing your content with AI

  • Export your podcast

  • Artwork requirements

How do you publish your podcast?

  • Devising a distribution plan
  • Hosting platforms and directories
  • Growing your audience with social media
  • Promoting your podcast
  • Creating a release schedule
  • Engaging with your audience
Publish your podcast: A step-by-step guide to sharing your show.
B&H NYC SuperStore

Live from the B&H Superstore

Watch and learn as a podcasting product expert shares real-world examples, recommendations, and workflow suggestions to elevate your podcast setup.


Arrive early to nab a front-row seat.

Stick around after the event to meet the creators and enjoy food and refreshments.

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